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Company Review

JustMarkets’ Introducing Broker Program

Company Review

The JustMarkets’ Introducing Broker Program has made waves in the financial community, earning its mark as the "Best IB/Affiliate Program 2023" according to Money Expo. This accolade isn't just a mere title - it signifies the potential and success that partners have achieved through JustMarkets. The program represents a landmark in the partnership landscape, setting the bar for affiliates worldwide.

New Features

Over the past decade, JustMarkets has demonstrated a commitment to meeting the needs and aspirations of their partners. Their dedication to excellence is evident in the introduction of a new and improved IB program that launched in 2023.

New Introducing broker program
JustMarkets' Introducing broker program

JustMarkets partners note that despite significant changes to the affiliate program architecture, the JustMarkets team has managed to maintain the core benefits that partners around the world have already come to enjoy, such as transparent payment systems and daily payouts. However, these advantages are known to everyone. Let's take a look at the main features of the updated IB Program about which so much is being talked about:

  • Partner commission has increased to $25 per lot.
  • Partnership structure now consists of 6-levels, offering greater flexibility and earning possibilities.
  • The innovative Boost Period has been integrated, allowing new partners to start climbing the levels x3 times faster.
  • Enhanced trading conditions, including new and low spreads on all instruments including the most popular among traders, such as gold.
  • An inclusive approach with the introduction of swap-free trading for all, providing equal opportunities for everyone to reach their full trading potential.

Partnership Levels

JustMarkets’ Introducing Broker program introduces a dynamic structure of 2 main partner statuses and 6 individual partner levels:

Partner status

  • Level 1: Partner
  • Level 2: Advanced Partner

IB Partner status

  • Level 3: Silver Partner
  • Level 4: Gold Partner
  • Level 5: Platinum Partner
  • Level 6: Brilliant Partner

Those who achieve the IB Partner status will enjoy a range of benefits, including but not limited to: a rise in partner commission, access to the unique Subpartner Program, and a dedicated KAM (Key Account Manager).

Partner Rewards

Partner rewards
Partner rewards

JustMarkets has designed a clear and rewarding payout system:

  • Partner commission structure with rewards of up to $25 per lot.
  • Daily payouts via modern popular payment systems.
  • Easy tracking of progress, clients’ activity and pending rebates in personal Partner area.
  • Smooth sharing of rewards with the automated rebate system.
  • An additional 10% commission from the Subpartner Program.

Table below displays the main trading account types and the maximum payout of partner commission per lot based on the partner level that can be received from these account types.

JustMarkets’ IB Program

For a deeper dive into the JustMarkets’ IB Program, click here.

About JustMarkets

About JustMarkets

JustMarkets has built a strong reputation over the last 10 years, serving clients in more than 190 countries. Their dedication to excellence is reflected in the numerous awards they've won, such as Best Broker in Asia for 2022 and 2023, Best Broker in Africa in 2023, and the coveted Best Forex Trading Platform title. Furthermore, a remarkable 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, based on over 2000 reviews, speaks volumes about their trustworthiness and high-quality service.

What makes JustMarkets stand out is their dedication to their partners and clients. They frequently offer attractive promotions, bonuses, and engaging contests, showcasing a true commitment to their customers and giving affiliates powerful instruments to attract new clients easily. Partners and traders alike can always count on their 24/7 multilingual customer support, ensuring smooth communication.

Becoming a partner with JustMarkets isn't just a business decision; it's an experience. An experience so rewarding, once embarked upon, it's a journey many choose never to end.

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