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Cost per Acquisition (CPA) vs Revenue Share: Which one is the best plan for Forex Vertical?


There are many ways to earn money by means of online trading. The first one to come to mind is also the most obvious one, which is to invest in the markets through a broker like LIBERTEX - however, this is not the only way. The Forex Affiliate Programs by Libertex Affiliates presents the possibility of obtaining benefits from online trading, even without having a lot of trading knowledge or puting one’s own capital at risk.

If you have a website about online trading, Forex, brokers or financial information, an economic news blog, a large community on social networks, your own YouTube channel or you are just an experienced trader and many ask you for advice in choosing the best option to start trading, then this is of interest to you.

Within the Forex Affiliates programs, there are two variants that bring different advantages. Each one of them also best adapts to each type of affiliate. First, we can offer our Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) plan. And secondly, we also provide our Revenue Share plan. Below, we further explain what the advantages and benefits of each of these options are:
What is Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)?

Explained quite simply, the CPA plan brings a benefit for each user that you direct from your channels to the broker that you are affiliated with. It Is necessary to point out that each company has its own conditions in terms of profit percentages; minimum deposits that your referral must make in order for you to receive your reward, if it is only for new customers of the platform, whether there is a time limit for them to be admitted, what the new customer's country of origin actually is, to name just some. Therefore, it is very important that you refer to the complete requirements of the Libertex Affiliate Program before making a decision.
What is Revenue Share?

Regarding this plan, the Revenue Share affiliate plan is based on the activity that your referral has with the broker you have directed them to and not upon the fact that the referral has been admitted and makes an initial deposit.

In this eventuality, you will obtain earnings every time the client carries out operations and attains gains. The percentage of the aforementioned earnings will also depend on the conditions of each company, so it is equally advisable to study everything carefully to obtain the highest possible revenue.
Which plan is actually the best one and why?

Once you are privy to the actual differences between the CPA and revenue Share plans, it is time to choose the option that best suits your interests, and you should ask yourself the following question: Do I want to obtain short-term or long-term benefits?

If you would like to earn immediately, your option is the CPA plan: You only have bring users to the broker with whom you are affiliated and ensure they make the minimum deposit that will result in benefits. You won’t have to worry about their future activities, given that your relationship has concluded.

If you want to get more lasting benefits over time, then the Revenue Share plan is the one for you: Your relationship with your referrals begins when they start investing with the affiliated broker and their operations have positive results. For every profit that they make, you´ll be taking a percentage of it and in addition to that, it will remain that way indefinitely as long as the latter continues to operate with company in question.

Now that you know about the advantages of each plan type in the Forex Affiliates program, have you thought of which option best suits you to start making money with Libertex Affiliates?

Source: https://www.libertex-affiliates.com/blog/cpa-vs-revshare
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