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Top 4 stocks to invest amid the coronavirus outbreak


Yes, coronavirus is indeed causing troubles to the global economy. More importantly, the media makes everything looking even worse. While chasing more views and sensations, the news sources create shocking headlines, resulting in panic among people. And while sheep avoid turning to an uncertain direction and making investments, real professionals consider these times as the road for more opportunities. Let’s consider some of them today.

Potential winners of the outbreak

The risks that the US will take more emergency measures have intensified this week after the 126 cases and 11 deaths confirmed. Thus, a quarantine does not look like a movie scenario now. Who would benefit from the situation when people stay in their homes and watch TV? The first thing which comes into our minds is Netflix.

On the daily chart of Netflix we can notice that despite the pressure on the stock market, the stock has been a good performer during the previous month. The price of the stock has not managed to overcome the $389.4 resistance but is still trading quite close to this level within an uptrend. An emergency situation will increase the number of subscribers and, therefore, will boost the profits of a company. Thus, such positive data will make Netflix stock an attractive investment.

Another potential winner out of the virus spreading globally may be Facebook. The stock of the company has been through tough times. Within several days it became very cheap and tested the support at $182.5. A stimulus by the Federal Reserve pushed the price of Facebook stock higher, but an asset is still trading below the 200-day SMA and the resistance at $196.4. Analysts see the weakness of this stock to be temporary, as the company may gain more users aiming to communicate while staying in quarantine.

The dark horses of the stock market

Besides some obvious choices which we explained above, there are also stocks, which may not drag your attention at first. Here, we can mention AT&T – the US telecommunications company. The stock of a multinational conglomerate tested the lows of July 2019 last week but managed to restore its positions quickly by sticking above the 200-day SMA rising towards the $37.9 level. Launch of a new streaming video service called “AT&T TV” this week helps bulls to keep the positions. It’s noted that the new service would provide competition to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Another not-so-obvious choice is the stock of Disney. The coronavirus fears resulted in closing of all of the three theme parks in Asia. However, this dark swan made us forget the main reason for the Disney stock outperforming a few months ago. Of course, we are talking about the Disney+ platform. The service is about to start broadcasting in Western Europe on March 24. That could increase the number of followers greatly. By February 4, the service has registered nearly 4 million sign-ups from North America. Imagine now the figures after the European launching!

On the daily chart, the Disney stock has been moving to the support at $112.5. On the upside, the key level lies at $119.9.

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