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FBS CopyTrade App Was Awarded As The Best Copy Trading Platform


In late October, the investment community of Egypt gathered at the biggest financial event - Egypt Investment Expo 2019. Along with other Expo activities, the “Top 50 in Financial Markets” awards ceremony was held on the sidelines, recognizing the best services, both local and global. FBS broker was the one to receive the award for the best copy trading experience. Let’s have an insider look.

FBS CopyTrade mobile app was launched in 2018. The idea was to create a perfect social trading tool, so even the beginners could understand it right away. It should be simple. Flawless. Intuitive. Jam-packed with trading tools but still look like a two-button game. FBS developers released many updates over the course of the app’s history, and the “Best Copy Trading Platform” award seems to signify that these goals were achieved.

CopyTrade allows people to browse a massive Traders network and follow their investment strategies and market behavior. On the one hand, it’s meant for traders with little or no trading background who wish to enter the market through repeating after the pros (these users are called Investors). On the other hand, it’s a platform for professionals who want to expose their performance for copying for commission (Traders). Most importantly, the app is a social trading community, welcoming traders of all shapes and sizes to interchange skills and boost individual profits through collective effort.

In the app, users can create their own portfolios and use multiple filters and stats to find the best Traders to copy. For example, they can filter Traders by their return rate score, popularity (the number of copiers), risk level, and activity, as well as evaluate their progress with a certain currency pair, or simply sort them out by name and country.

After that, the Investor can set the Stop Loss, Take Profit, and the maximum risk levels, and hit a single button to start copying. The good thing about FBS CopyTrade is the possibility to change the settings anytime you want, and also stop/start copying at any moment.

The application was highly appreciated by the jury of the “Top 50 in Financial Markets” awards because of its balance of sophisticated insides and simple outsides. Since the app comes with zero cost, it has the potential of introducing the Forex market to a lot of people who haven’t been its target audience before.

Egypt Investment Expo is an annual event aimed to introduce the best financial opportunities to the investors in Egypt and the Arab world. Top 50 in Financial Markets awards is a part of the Forum where an expert jury reviews the top-performing market players and chooses the best of the best in both global and local markets.
FBS is an international broker with more than 190 countries of presence and 10 years of expertise, providing multi-asset financial and copy trading services.

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