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A decade of excellence shapes AETOS’ future

AETOS Capital Group Partnership

AETOS has excelled and grown through enhancing its clients trading experience. It now takes the next step by introducing the new Global Chinese Support Centre.

2017 is the 10th anniversary of AETOS Capital Group (AETOS). During this decade the company has rapidly grown through enhancing its clients trading experience. Nowhere has this expansion been greater than in China. Therefore, to celebrate this achievement and take the next step forward, AETOS has opened their new Global Chinese Support Centre (GCSC) in Hangzhou.
The new GCSC is a major statement. Its vast size covers more than 1,700 square meters and it aims to provide clients with a one-stop solution for training, advisory and customer services. What’s more, multi-functional conference rooms offer AETOS’ business partners comprehensive instruction and guidance in compliance, operations and trading products, such as CFDs in Forex.

Hangzhou was a natural choice for the location of AETOS’ GCSC. The city is one of the most developed in e-commerce throughout China. It is bustling with financial organisations, including the headquarters of many provincial banks and securities companies.

The move to establish the GCSC strengthens AETOS role as a worldwide player. The company is dedicated to tailoring localised services to its ever-expanding global client base. This strategy has seen excellent growth. As a result, AETOS has climbed Finance Magnate’s Quarterly Global FX Brokers report table by openly disclosing its trading figures, the first among its Chinese counterparts. This has won them long-term trust and increased business among Chinese investors, along with the proud position of leading broker in the Chinese market.

AETOS has 26 offices around the world, including 9 throughout China to serve the country, backed up by the newly established GCSC. With a decade of major growth fuelled through service localization and enhancing client trading experience, AETOS is continuing that trend with the impressive GCSC to shape its future.

AETOS are currently under two regulations: ASIC (AFSL: 313016) for AETOS Capital Group Pty. Ltd, and FCA (FCA No.: 592778) for AETOS Capital Group (UK) Ltd.

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