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Manage your MAM & PAMM accounts with one application


It is a well-known that MAM and PAMM accounts differ in how they function but both essentially allow managing multiple accounts from one master account. While MAM accounts give money managers flexibility when sub-allocating the trades placed in the master account, PAMM accounts allocate trades based on percentage of total equity.

So, many brokers provide ability to open MAM and PAMM accounts and this makes the brokers yearning for solution which will allow to easily operating with both types of accounts management.

We are not searching for easy ways and our ideas are mainly based on the investigation of broker’s needs as in the forex world there are already many good solutions provided by other software development companies. That is why our main principle is to think and to create solutions with some specific and wanted features.

IFS Company has developed the new MAM/PAMM solution which allows managing with any number of accounts by one application only. The system consists of MT4 Plugin, DataBase and Graphical user interface. The plugin fulfills a role of MAM and PAMM accounts manager. The user-friendly terminal application provides ability to:

- Create/edit/delete, attach/detach of Master/Sub accounts without system restart;

- calculate and manage performance and management fees;

- restrict access to system with the help of user rights differentiation system;

- monitor commissions and performance in real-time;

- use the predefined allocation methods (by equity/lots) and create your own allocation methods using a special Tool,

- get online reports and summary.

This is not a whole list of functions and advantages which our solution has and we keep improving it and creating other innovative software.

Source: https://www.ifs-company.com/
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