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AltimaCRM Review: Key Features and Advantages

AltimaCRM Introduction

A solid CRM system can make all the difference in the competitive world of Forex brokerage. This is why Intivion founded AltimaCRM to address the specific needs of the Forex Firms.

AltimaCRM is a top Forex CRM as it streamlines processes and improves relationships with clients. The CRM system is revolutionizing the way Forex businesses work. It has a solid reputation, more than 3,000 daily users, and a presence in 10+ countries.

This review provides an in-depth analysis of AltimaCRM's key advantages and distinctive CRM Features. From its easy-to-use dashboard to its multi-level IB management, it meets the complex needs of the Forex business.

AltimaCRM Review years, daily users, and countries info

User-Friendly Interface

The user experience of a CRM is a big part of how well it works, especially in the fast-paced Forex market. AltimaCRM stands out in this way because it is easy to use and has a simple design. The interface of the CRM platform has been carefully designed to make it easy for both new and experienced users to handle difficult Forex tasks.

When users log in, they see a clean, well-organized screen that gives them quick access to important CRM tools and data. The layout allows easy navigation between features.

AltimaCRM has a reliable and easy-to-use user interface that makes every contact better. This is relevant to everything from managing accounts to tracking leads to analyzing performance metrics.

Key Features and Functionality

AltimaCRM stands out because it is more than just a CRM. It is a full set of tools that have been carefully designed to meet the complex needs of the Forex businesses. In the parts that follow, we'll look at its main CRM features to learn more about what makes it different from other CRM solutions and how it stands out.

Intuitive Dashboard

AltimaCRM transforms Forex market marketing through data-driven methods. It combines key data like account status, deposits, and leads into an easy-to-read dashboard. This setup makes sure that practical insights are easy to find and can be accessed with just a click. This makes it easy for decision-makers to make smart choices.

Multi-Level IB Management

AltimaCRM makes it easier to manage IBs with multiple levels, which speeds up recruitment and partnership growth. The integrated system makes sure that referrals happen quickly, that performance is tracked accurately, and that commissions are calculated correctly. This makes it a great choice for people who want to become IB partners.

The Intermediary Broker System is a great part of the CRM platform. It lets different levels have different commission structures. This makes managing brokers and sub-brokers easier and makes sure that everyone gets paid the same amount.

Also, the system gives Intermediary Brokers a dedicated interface for managing clients efficiently. This lets them focus on building relationships with clients while the CRM system takes care of administrative tasks.

Sales Pipeline Management

AltimaCRM's strong sales flow management makes it easier to get leads and turn them into customers. It gives brokers powerful tools for dealing with customers that are meant to improve interaction. The system makes it easy to keep track of clients, where they are in the sales funnel, and how to get in touch with them. This makes it easier to handle and nurture leads.

Multi-Channel Marketing

With its all-in-one marketing and data tool, AltimaCRM brings a new era to Forex marketing. This platform collects data from different marketing sources in a seamless way, which helps businesses make better marketing plans. AltimaCRM makes it possible to create highly effective and well-informed marketing strategies by letting you do A/B tests, get updates in real-time, and see the full effect of the global network.

Automated KYC and Compliance

AltimaCRM makes it easier to do KYC and compliance tasks by working smoothly with Google Cloud Vision Services to check documents. This automation frees up a lot of time for employees, so they can focus on important jobs like getting more sales and talking to customers.

World-Class Support

At AltimaCRM, customer service comes first. Integrated strategies to improve engagement and build loyalty change how customers communicate with businesses. Features like call monitoring, email, support tickets, and live chat make customer service better as a whole and make sure that clients have a complete and satisfying interaction.

In addition to these features, AltimaCRM has a built-in Live Chat System that lets clients/traders communicate with their agents directly. Also, the built-in Email feature makes it easy for traders to connect to each other via Email, WhatsApp, and Live Chat without leaving the CRM. These improvements make customer service even better and give clients more ways to talk to the company in an easy way.

Ticketing and Tracking System

AltimaCRM also has an effective system for tracking tickets and managing them. This feature makes sure that customer questions and requests for help are handled and tracked well. It lets businesses keep organized records of their interactions with customers, which is important if they want to offer great customer service and support.

AltimaCRM Review Tracking Infographic

Reporting System

With its advanced data management and analysis system, AltimaCRM is able to get rid of data silos. It gives full oversight by integrating data from all departments in a seamless way, which makes in-depth analysis and visualization possible. This makes it easy for users to make charts, papers, and track sales trends, which helps them make better decisions and run their businesses more smoothly.

Altima VOIP

The Chat App and VoIP integration in AltimaCRM make it easier for people to talk to each other. The integrated VoIP system makes communication better by recording and transcribing calls and letting agents handle multiple chat windows at once. This makes sure that communication on the platform is effective and easy to use.

The integration of Altima CRM and Altima VOIP gives businesses more power by giving them access to features like Bridge/Conference and Whisper. It also makes unique extensions for agents, stores audio of conversations, and gives sentiment analysis, which makes it easier to understand customer interactions.

Real-Time Integration

AltimaCRM's commitment to real-time integration is shown by the fact that it works with different trading platforms like Metatrader4, Metatrader5, and CTrader.

It also works well with different payment systems like Praxis and SafeCharge, as well as well-known VoIP providers like Coperato and ReshetCall. This wide range of integration options makes the CRM more flexible and easy to use.


In the ever-changing world of Forex, each exchange has its own set of rules. AltimaCRM knows that businesses have different needs and offers a lot of customization options to meet those needs. Here is an overview of the offerings available to AltimaCRM's customers.

Custom Fields and Data Structures

AltimaCRM gives you the freedom to make your own fields, so you can collect and organize data that is important to your business. Whether it's information about a single client or about a trade, the CRM lets you change its data structure to match how your business works.

Workflow Customization

AltimaCRM's standout feature lies in its capacity for customized workflows. The CRM empowers you to create tailored sequences of actions, automating routine processes and ensuring steadfast alignment with established workflows. Whether it's lead nurturing or customer onboarding, the ability to design workflows that seamlessly match your business strategy is at your disposal.

Automation Processes

With its strong automation features, AltimaCRM takes productivity to a new level. Repetitive jobs can be easily automated, freeing your team from having to do them by hand and leaving room for mistakes. Whether it's writing emails automatically when certain events happen or updating client records, the CRM's automation lets your team focus on more important tasks.

Personalization and Branding

AltimaCRM goes beyond simple functions by letting you change the way the system looks to match your brand. This makes sure that you can not only change the CRM to fit your business needs but also give your clients and partners a consistent experience by matching the CRM's design to your brand.


In the complicated network of Forex operations, it's important for a CRM to be able to work with other tools. AltimaCRM answers the challenge by making integration easy, which makes it more useful in many different areas. Here are some of the ways that this CRM system connects:

Payment Gateway Integration

The fact that AltimaCRM works well with well-known payment gateways like Praxis, SafeCharge, and Voguepay makes financial deals easier. This integration makes sure that all financial processes are in sync, giving you a full picture of your brokerage's financial situation.

VoIP Integration

Forex is all about communication, and AltimaCRM makes it easier to reach more people by integrating with VoIP companies like Coperato, ReshetCall, and Voicespin. This integration gives workers tools for communicating in real-time, which makes it easier for them to work with clients, partners, and team members.

Trading Platform Integration

The integration of AltimaCRM with popular trading systems like Metatrader4, Metatrader5, CTrader, and more in real-time is a game-changer. Syncing the data between these platforms makes sure that the information is correct and up-to-date, so brokers can make quick, well-informed choices.

Marketing Tools Integration

AltimaCRM's value is increased by integrating with marketing tools, which allows for unified campaign management. Whether it's through email marketing, social media platforms, or other marketing methods, the CRM collects data to help make better decisions and improve campaigns.

Custom Reporting System Integration

The combined custom reporting system of AltimaCRM gives you a full picture by bringing together data from different parts of your business. This consolidation of data gives you valuable insights that help you make strategic choices and improve operations.

Pros and Cons

AltimaCRM Review Pros and Cons Infographic

AltimaCRM is a reliable choice for Forex brokerages, mostly because it has an easy-to-use interface and a full support system. The easy-to-use dashboard and effective CRM tools for conversation make the user experience and interactions with clients better.

The ability to change the CRM to fit the needs of a business is a useful feature, and the fact that it works well with other tools like trade platforms and payment gateways makes things run more smoothly.

AltimaCRM does have a lot of features, but it could be better if it offered more help with the more complicated features and made the customization process easier.

Still, the pros outweigh the cons, making AltimaCRM a good choice for Forex brokers who want to improve their operations and relationships with customers.

Contact Information

AltimaCRM's commitment to making sure clients are happy is clear from the fact that it has a complete support system. This makes sure that your different needs are met through a variety of ways to talk to people.

  • Phone: Customers can reach out to the CRM system directly by using the following phone number: +971502287856.

  • Email: If you prefer writing, you can send questions to info@intivion.com, which is their email address.

  • Skype: For online communication with AltimaCRM, customers can connect with them on Skype using the user email intivion.technologies. Your messages will be read and answered quickly so that you can get the help you need.

Social Media Platforms

You can easily stay in touch with AltimCRM by following them on the social media platforms listed below. This lets you get updates, interact with their content, and keep up with their latest news and changes.

AltimaCRM Review Conclusion

AltimaCRM stands out among Forex CRM systems because it is a complete option that is both new and flexible. Its strengths are clear in many ways, from how easy it is to use to how well it works with other systems. It's great that the CRM can simplify multi-level IB management, improve lead conversion through sales flow management, and make it easier to market through multiple channels.

Even though AltimaCRM could improve its user guidance for more complicated features and make it easier to customize, these small problems don't take away from the many benefits the CRM platform offers.

AltimaCRM is a reliable partner in the Forex business because of how much effort it puts into customer service, how well it integrates with other systems, and how important it is to keep data accurate. The performance and responsiveness of the CRM make it easy to use, so traders can focus on making strategic decisions instead of fixing technical problems.

AltimaCRM is a good choice for Forex brokerages that want a complete CRM system that can be changed to fit their business needs. Its strengths, flexibility, and dedication to customer satisfaction make it a good choice

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