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Does your KYC vendor(s) leave many of your customers frustrated, with “Sorry, computer says NO?" - What a headache.....!

iSignthis Ltd (ASX:ISX/FRA:TA8)

Q: Even when aggregating KYC vendors in a waterfall approach to maximise customer on-board acceptance; do you find your vendors fail to digitally KYC and PASS 100%?

Q: Does this failure, leave your business with thousands of failed customers/KYC’s, resulting in a sizable manual, or secondary and costly semi-automated customer friction heavy headache….?

The big Question : Is it ludicrous to expect 100% match rates in every jurisdiction on the planet from your KYC vendor?

1. iSignthis (ISX) will re-automate your customer KYC exceptions, where KYC data vendors have been unable to KYC your customers globally. ISX delivers 100% match rates of all KYC exceptions for every one of your financially included customers in every jurisdiction on the planet.

2. ISX removes the need to engage customers in a friction heavy, manual KYC process, positively improving customer experience, revenues, brand reputation and shareholder value.

3. ISX deliver under Patent, live, dynamic digital KYC with 100% Online match rates across every jurisdiction on the planet, circa 3Bn persons, 200 countries, across every FATF member jurisdiction via one integration.

4. During the live, dynamic and digital KYC, ISX delivers Card Not Present Liability Shift, "zero day fraud protection" for charge back, Strong Customer Authentication and 2FA/removing 3DS, coupled with dynamic, transactional triggered KYC/monitoring.

5. Our service meets and or exceeds the basis for compliance with the 3rd, 4th AML Directive, JMLSG, Gibraltar, Malta and IOM FSA, GSC gaming codes/regulators, incoming ESA risk factor guidelines and the PDS2 via one solution.

6. We are listed on the Stock Exchange (ASX-ISX), IS27001 compliant, PSP Tier 1 and PCI DSS Tier 1 certified, Nederland's DDPA Audited, UK ICO Registered, ASX/ASIC regulated.

Happy to discuss how iSignthis could work with your business. Please call +44 780 851 9252 or chris.henry@isignthis.com

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/does-your-kyc-vendors-leave-many-customers-frustrated-chris-henry?trk=prof-post
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