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    Company Overview

    A Quick Look At Qinox Tech

    Website: https://www.qinoxtech.com

    Qinox Tech is a white label provider with a focus on forex companies. Established in London, it has created a name for itself and provides unparalleled access to the forex industry for its clients. There are a number of service levels and packages offered that allow a company to start a forex brokerage operation or help in building an existing operation.

    The solutions offered by Qinox Tech are based on the latest technologies, giving its clients the highest quality of products and services. In addition to the services offered in starting a forex business, the industry expertise of the Qinox Tech team is also able to help grow an existing forex brokerage.

    Despite being a considerably newly established company, the team at Qinox Tech has extensive experience in the forex industry and they combine that experience with the technological solution offered to help forex brokers increase their client base and profitability. With the forex industry being so highly competitive, the service offered is extremely beneficial and necessary.

    Company Information

    Qinox Tech is a London-based white label solution provider with turnkey solutions and financial technologies to brokers in the forex industry. They provide services that include everything from licensing to platform technologies to marketing and customer service.

    Company Headquarters

    45 Fitzroy St, London

    W1T 6EB, United Kingdom

    Phone: +44 7984 291831

    Email: info@qinoxtech.com

    Regulations and Licenses

    Qinox Tech is not a financial services company and does not fall under the regulatory requirements associated with such. They help brokers and candidates obtain a license from a financial services authority. Brokers can decide which license they might need for their business without spending too much effort to deal with bureaucracy and benefit advantageous licenses including FSA, St Vincent, Labuan and Mauritius.

    Solution Packages

    At Qinox Tech, clients can access several different account levels based on their needs. The account levels have different pricing strategies, with the lower-priced account levels offering more basic services, while the higher-priced account levels open up additional services. The beginning accounts offer potential forex brokers an offshore license, grey label MT4/MT5 platform, access to forex/CFD/stocks, and some other basic services. The highest-level account offers a high-level offshore license, white label MT4/MT5, access to cryptos in addition to the other assets, and advanced CRM tools.

    Qinox Client Offerings

    There are six primary areas that Qinox Tech has focused on in assisting its clients to operate most effectively. The first and most important of these is the means to create the infrastructure necessary to operate a forex brokerage. This is the foundation of the service and the basis of everything else on offer.

    The second crucial service offered is the consultation service. Often clients are not entirely sure what they need when starting out, or which direction to take in order to grow. With their years of expertise in the forex industry, the consultants at Qinox Tech can offer advice on every aspect of running and growing a forex brokerage. This consultation includes:

    • financial management;
    • financial technology;
    • business management;
    • lead generation;
    • and more.

    The third service is website design and development service. Obviously, an online broker needs a portal, and the specialists at Qinox Tech can deliver a site that has been optimized to convert potential clients. It is also properly branded to enhance any marketing efforts.

    The fourth solution offered is the payment gateway that allows a broker to offer a variety of deposit and withdrawal options for its clients. These payment gateways include all the necessary safety protocols that allow a client to feel safe depositing funds at a broker. These payment services are one of the most important parts of the broker process and are often very difficult for a broker to set up on their own, making this perhaps the most valuable service being offered.

    Next up are the white label solutions being offered to clients. Qinox Tech has developed the relationships necessary to be able to offer these solutions for payment merchants, trading terminals, and a full dealing desk.

    And finally, Qinox Tech can enable social trading and MAM/PAMM capabilities for the broker, allowing them to manage client money and offer investment opportunities.

    Turnkey Solutions

    Qinox Tech can provide three distinct types of services for its clients. These are legal, financial, and technological. In terms of the legal services being offered, they cover any of the typical legal issues that a forex broker might face. As you might imagine, this is a crucial service as forex brokers have many regulations to adhere to, and they need solid legal coverage and counsel when offering trading accounts to their clients. Also included under the legal services offered are the various licenses provided.

    The financial services are the most visible offerings. They range from the basic forex offerings to CFDs and even cryptocurrencies. Also included in the financial offerings are payment gateways and the various white label solutions such as the MetaTrader family of trading platforms, CRM solutions, liquidity, payment merchants, and more.

    Technological services could be overlooked as they work in the background in many cases, but they are no less vital than the legal and technological services. Offered technology solutions include website design and development, infrastructure for the various trading platforms such as MT4/MT5 and MAM/PAMM solutions, and the security to maintain secure data.

    All three combined allow Qinox to provide its clients with a brokerage platform that provides everything needed in an online broker.

    Social Trading

    Qinox Tech client brokerages can support social trading in three distinct categories; PAMM, MAM, and Copy Trading.

    Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) – Client funds (followers) are pooled together for trading. Earnings are divided among the group based on their percentage of the original trade. Followers cannot close trades early.

    Multi-Account Manager (MAM) – Allows money managers and pro traders to manage accounts for clients and to offer investment services.

    Copy Trading – Broker clients can become Followers who then copy the trades of a Master account into their own accounts. Trades can be closed at any time. Clients may also trade on their own in addition to copying the trades of the Master accounts they follow.

    Traders Room and Back Office

    The Trader's Room offered by Qinox Tech is a complete solution that integrates with the trading networks, payment systems, and CRM to deliver all the right resources to customers. It is an online solution that links the trader with the broker, and because it is web-based the customer can access it conveniently at any time or any place, so long as they have an internet connection and web browser. The completeness of the Trader's Room helps to build trust between client and broker, while also enhancing customer retention with the easy-to-use portal.

    Running a forex brokerage is no simple task. There are ongoing daily duties and upkeep that need to be performed to give the best experience to clients. A big part of this is rapid onboarding, and this is where the Qinox Back Office excels. It is a tailor-made account management platform with an emphasis on forex traders. It allows for the rapid processing of KYC requirements and the quick setup of the client account and trading platform. It also includes in-depth analysis and client intelligence modules.

    The Back Office meshes well with the Trader's Room to provide the perfect mix of tools for brokers and clients alike.

    Platforms Supported

    Clients can utilize the desktop, web trader, mobile, and VPS solutions for both MT4 and MT5. In addition, both demo and real accounts are provided, allowing brokers to offer new traders the ability to try out the trading platform before depositing. Clients can choose from grey label or white label solutions for both MT4 and MT5.

    • MT4 desktop, webtrader, mobile, and VPS.
    • MT5 desktop, webtrader, mobile, and VPS.
    • Real and Demo accounts.

    Customer Support

    Qinox Tech delivers customer support 24/7 through a variety of methods including email, phone, and online chat.

    In Conclusion

    Qinox Tech is a full-service white label forex broker solution. The firm offers everything a client would need to get a forex brokerage up and running, and then maintain and grow it through detailed marketing services, and technologically advanced trader portals and back-office solutions. And all the services offered are scalable, which means any customer can receive exactly the level of service they need. Qinox Tech can assist brand new brokers just starting out, or industry veterans who may need an enhanced website or improved marketing.

    The strength of Qinox Tech comes from its team, which is composed of industry experts who have years of forex industry experience. This allows them to focus on exactly the problems of the brokers, and the solutions that help deliver a better experience.

    Full Breakdown Filters

    Full Breakdown

    Full Breakdown

    Company Updates

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