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Manz AG:

Manz AG is based in Reutlingen, in the region of Baden-Württemberg, and is an internationally active manufacturer of integrated production solutions for the production of crystalline solar cells, displays and tablets. In the hour, the stock broke the until-then valid upward trend when it broke through the market at 34 euros in the in mid-June, and since then it has been trendless. In the mid-term, a fresh upward trend has formed, which will remain intact as long as the value does not fall under 27.31 euros. Since July, the stock has been displaying a small subordinate downward trend that merely represents the regression of the upward trend. The experienced trader should wait with his or her long entry until the market is located at around 28 euros. In addition, one could choose a catastrophe entry at approx. 32.20, which should be trailed behind downwards. One should take into account, however, the fact that the value is very bearish in the day chart, and will only be broken when the 43.41 euro marker of the downward trend is exceeded. For this reason, stops should be trailed tightly and first profits at 34 euros should be picked up. - share DEINE Bilder

C.H. Robinson:

Due to obvious, extreme divergences, there is a real chance for a short trade in this value. The second correction, as well as a price that is far into the correction zone, bring hope that it may well go downwards once more. With a stop sell order at approx. $70.50, one can speculate on a continuation of the trend.
If it wants to go upwards, we have a chance to enter even higher up, and the risk is reduced even further. With the right money management, the technically correct stop is located above the red box. A first possible target would be located at $66.62. - share DEINE Bilder


Gap Inc. is the largest US clothing retailer. Gap has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Since October 2014, however, the stock is in difficulties, and has halved its value. In the large timeframe in the daily basis, there is still a valid downward trend that will remain upheld until the marker at $30.49 is broken through. From the mid-term perspective, in the hour we have an upward trend that has arrived at the end of its correction zone. When the marker at $23.82 is undercut, this trend will be broken too. The RSI is currently in the oversold area; if the market goes upwards once more and then forms divergences, a long entry at around $24.20 is recommended.
The first profits should be picked up at around $27. - share DEINE Bilder

I hope you will remain favorably disposed towards me and always remember: the journey is the reward!

All the best

Markus Gabel

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