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Mike Tindall Trains with Online Trading Broker UFXMarkets

UFXMarkets Ambassador Mike Tindall recently enjoyed a comprehensive training session with a UFXMarkets trading expert.

Far from being a fish out of water, Mike took to the training quickly, even sharing lessons learned the hard way during a career that spans close to 18 years and includes a Rugby World Cup and two Six Nations Championships:

“Ask any winner about their success and few will tell you it came without sacrifice. Rugby and Forex are both no pain, no gain pursuits. Learn to take a few knocks and you’ll do well.”

UFXMarkets provides personalised one-on-one coaching to all of its Traders, and like Mike, they learn the importance of trading essentials such as buy low, sell high, fundamental and technical analysis and why trading with a regulated Straight-Through-Processing (STP) broker is the best way to trade.

Mike also learned the difference between how Traders and rugby players approach success in their respective professions. For sportsmen like Mike, the goal is winning, whereas Traders aim to develop strategies that promote consistent profitability, a subtle but important change of emphasis.

Click here to see what else Mike learned during his trading training session.

About UFX Markets

Since its establishment in 2007, UFXMarkets has become one of the world’s leading online Forex brokers and investment networks, specializing in trading commodities, currencies, CFDs and indices. A Cyprus Investment Firm licensed and regulated by CySEC and a member of the European Union Securities and Exchange Commission, UFXMarkets guides traders with a wealth of financial resources and a professional team of financial experts with a combined 50 years of Forex experience.

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Tuesday, 20 May, 2014 / 9:06

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