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Charterprime Hits off 2019 with Focus on Southeast Asia

2019 sees Charterprime eager to venture deeper into the Asia market, particularly the Southeast Asia region. Originated in Australia, the foreign exchange brokerage group is steadily growing and currently has offices in several other countries, namely New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Charterprime is keen to expand the brand within the Asia market through groundwork education through events, apart from collaborating with local bodies and institutes. Following are the highlights of Charterprime’s first quarter of 2019!

iFX Expo Asia

Charterprime is honoured to be part of the world’s largest B2B Financial Expo, the iFX Expo Asia earlier this year in Hong Kong. iFX Expo is a reputable congregation where financial advisors, brokers, bankers and service providers from around the world gather to exchange ideas and establishing connection and business corporation. It has connected over 35,000 attendees with over 1,500 service providers from around the world since May 2012.

NFI Investment Summit

Charterprime exhibited in 2019 NFI Investment Summit in Taipei, Taiwan for the second time following our first presence in the country in November 2018. Charterprime’s Analyst, Rich Wang sharing his experience and insight on the topic of derivatives and the EA, which received a positive response from the audience. Charterprime aims to keep a good relationship with local clients by providing a more extensive, inclusive seminar in the nearest future.

Thailand Traders Fair

Charterprime launched the first of its Exclusive Seminar series during Thailand Traders Fair 2019. Part of the ongoing Asia Traders Fair 2019, the event was held in Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok on 16th February 2019 saw. The free-for-all Charterprime Exclusive Seminar features esteemed experts who readily share in-depth information about trading and investment.

Following the launch of the seminar series, Charterprime has also been nominated by FINEXPO as the “Best Broker” in Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines & Vietnam for the Traders Awards. To support Charterprime, vote us through! The organizer behind Asia Traders Fair, FINEXPO, is the largest company that has organized numerous financial and trading events since 2002.

Malaysia Traders Fair

Charterprime is participating in Malaysia Traders Fair on 27th April 2019! The extension of Charterprime Exclusive Seminar series is also going to be held in the event. Interested guests can register for free through this link:

Charterprime is actively participating in Asia Traders Fair series. Having previously participated in Thailand, Charterprime will be attending the series in Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam. Guests can look forward to attending Charterprime’s Exclusive Seminar during these fairs!

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