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Boston Technologies New Pair: USD/ CNH


Take Advantage of Our New Pair: USD / CNH 


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USD / CNH Trading Conditions:


Instrument USDCNH (US Dollar/Offshore Chinese Renminbi)
Available Liquidity 1 million (10 standard lots) on top of the book
Min trade size 0.01 lot (1,000 units)
Max trade size 10 lots (1 million base currency)
Leverage 1:100
Access MT4, FIX API
Session times 17:15 US Eastern Time (ET) on Sunday to 16:50 ET on Friday

                                    *Liquidity is primarily available during Hong Kong trading hours


Boston Technologies Inc., the global leader in foreign exchange trading solutions, is happy to announce that our strategic liquidity partners, Boston Prime Ltd. and BT Prime Ltd., are launching USDCNH on all our trading platforms!

In the past decades China has been demonstrating its power, now being the second fastest growing economy in the world after US. The growth of the Chinese market appears unstoppable and USDCNH market, which grew tremendously over the last 2 years, promises to be a major currency cross of the future.

What is CNH?

CNH refers to the RMB circulated in Hong Kong, created by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and People's Bank of China. Chinese government has supported an offshore market where Renminbi can be used outside Chinese Mainland. While CNH is different from “onshore” renminbi that is used by domestic Chinese companies and residents, long-term correlation between USDCNY and USDCNH is observed.


What are the benefits of trading CNH with BT Prime Ltd. or Boston Prime Ltd.?

  1. Take advantage of expanded opportunity to trade currency of world’s second largest economy
  2. Hedge and take on Chinese currency exposure outside of Mainland.
  3. Trade USDCNH alongside other FX instruments from single MT4 interface or via FIX API
  4. Use our flexible trading conditions to conveniently execute small trade sizes (from 0.01 standard lot)
  5. Benefit from generous 100:1 leverage!


Don't miss out on the opportunity to trade these unique currency– contact us TODAY to open an account!


Truly yours,



Boston Technologies

Phone: 1.617.314.6800





Monday, 25 Nov, 2013 / 7:58

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