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Boston Technologies iFX EXPO Asia Seminar

How STP Liquidity Works

Date and time: 2.30-3:30 pm, January 22, 2014

Location: Hall A, First floor of Venetian Hotel


On January 22nd, during the  iFXEXPO, a select group of professionals will gather at Hall A on the first floor of the Venetian hotel for an informative  60 minute seminar to learn and discuss the challenges of running the STP model and learn about exciting new developments in this field.

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What you will learn:

  • Time-tested ways to improve the quality of your clients’ experience  and create a global execution standard for MT4. We will share proven techniques on improving your order routing logic.
  • The three most important secrets for successfully implementing the STP execution model into your FX business and achieving greater client retention and predictable revenues even with the most challenging trading flow.
  • Rules and helpful tips to remember when choosing a Liquidity Partner to satisfy your company’s FX needs.

Our Eminent Keynote Speaker:

George Popescu, CEO and Founder of Boston Technologies
George started Boston Technologies while he was a student at MIT and he built the company to be the #1 fastest growing company in Boston and listed in the top 10 companies for 2 years in a row. Boston Technologies has also been listed on the Inc 500 List of the fastest growing companies in America for 3 years in a row. 

Who should attend?

Forward-thinking managers of FX companies should not miss this important event. Don’t be left out! Every Attendee will learn how to solve some of the toughest problems facing us every day in this constantly changing FX industry.

STP is not just for race cars anymore! Learn everything you need to know to enhance Global Execution and Performance!

SPECIAL BONUS: Attend the seminar and you will receive a portable battery charger suitable for all mobile devices!

Truly yours,

Boston Technologies

Phone: 1.617.314.6800




STP动性的工作原理 - 针对外汇专业人士的一小时免费研讨会,您绝对不能错过!

时间和日期: 2014年1月22日,下午2:30-3:30

地点:威尼斯人酒店一层(Venetian Hotel),A厅


现在报名 - 席位有限


- 经过时间考验的可提高您客户交易体验的方法,以及创建一个MT4的全球交易执行标准。我们将与您分享经证实有效的优化订单执行逻辑的技术。
- 外汇经纪商业务中如何成功应用STP模型,以及如何面对具有挑战性的交易流量,取得更好的客户忠诚度和实现更加可预测收入的三个重要秘诀。

- 有关帮助您选择可满足贵司外汇交易需求的流动性合作伙伴的规则和有益提示。


George Popescu ,波士顿科技的执行总裁和创始人
当George还在MIT学习时,他创建了波士顿科技有限公司,并且把这个公司变成在波士顿成长速度最快的一家公司。 波士顿科技连续两年被列为波士顿前10名企业。并且公司也连续三年被列为Inc 500评选出的美国最快成长公司之一。


STP 经不再只是为赛车服务的了! 了解所有您需要知道的信息,帮助您提高全球交易执行和交易质量



Boston Technologies

Phone: 1.617.314.6800


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