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Founded in 2014
Headquarters in United Kingdom
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Our core goal is to deliver multi-asset liquidity and superior trading technology to financial institutions and retail brokerage firms around the world. As a technology company, innovation, quality and reliability are the three core principals behind everything we do. As such, we invest a considerable amount of resources into maintaining our front-end and back-end systems so that you don't have to.

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X Open Hub offers fast, fully automatic and reliable execution in the MT4 environment through our Smart B-Book Executors, with ultra-low latency and a multi-asset feed. Smart Executor automatically controls even the smallest trades, solving many B-Book problems experienced with scalpers and high volume traders. Our Smart B-Book Executor also significantly decreases operational costs, as fewer dealers are required for flow control.

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Business Contact:  sales@xhub.pro
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  • Poland
Twitter link:  twitter.com/xopenhub
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