TRAction Fintech Review

Founded in 2015
Headquarters in Australia
Company description: 

TRAction Fintech provides transaction reporting and OTC derivative reporting services to clients by acting as a third party between clients and the licensed trade repositories.  Our fees are capped so that you don’t pay more than you would if you were reporting directly to the trade repository, yet you receive a lot of value from our free consulting and data enrichment services.

We offer: 

1. TRAction Fintech helps clients understand regulatory (ASIC, EMIR, MAS, HKMA) trade reporting    obligations and how they are applied to Forex and CFD brokers.

2. Data extraction, conversion, enrichment and validation from trading platforms (TRAction Fintech has tools for direct extraction from MT4 and can work with all other platforms). 

3. Reporting trades daily to a licensed trade repository.

4. Offering clients a degree of protection against falling foul of regulators through the safe harbour benefits of delegated reporting.

Business Contact:  Quinn Perrott
Other offices:  3
  • Cyprus
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
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