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Founded in 2009
Headquarters in Cyprus
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Tools For Brokers is a full-service provider of IT solutions with nine years' experience in solving forex brokers' technical challenges and streamlining their operations. We provide convenience, stability, automation and expansion for brokerage business.

Tools For Brokers’ main market-driven products are Brokers’ Business Intelligence, which includes risk management utilities and regulatory reporting, a PAMM tool supporting managed accounts and Trade Processor, which functions to combine risk-free bridge with market-making order pools. We also offer comprehensive solutions for MT4 and MT5: maintenance and support, custom developments, consulting services and white label solutions.

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Trade Processor is one of Tools For Brokers’ flagship products. It is a secure, multi-part modular system, which combines a risk-free multi-liquidity bridge and market-making order pool. Trade Processor is a unified solution comprised of micro-services, each performing its function. This product will be in demand among dealing departments as well as brokerage executives. Trade Processor provides an outstanding ability to collect and analyse trading statistics as well as monitor reporting notes, groups and orders on A-book and B-book:  

  • Route orders between liquidity provider and B-book handling module
  • Adjust dealing conditions for B-book
  • View and analyse trading operations and exposure  

Trade Processor is intelligent risk management: its system for B-book with adjustable execution rules prevents traders from exploiting any vulnerabilities in the trading platform. What's more, Trade Processor constructs profit metrics by the book, both A-book earnings from markups and profit from dealing activities. It’s straightforward for a broker to keep their finger on the pulse with Trade Processor. The application displays comprehensive statistics, overviews of trade operations plus real-time exposure and profit/loss. The broker controls execution, monitors the parameters of orders on both books and has complete flexibility to configure the routing of orders. Trade Processor is a revolution in transparency, security and efficiency.

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  • Cyprus
  • Thailand
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