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Founded in 2009
Headquarters in Cyprus
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One-stop Forex technology provider with 8 years' experience in solving all technical challenges of a broker. We provide convenience, stability automation and expansion for your brokerage business. 

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Tools for Brokers has more than 15 solutions for A and B-book management.  Among our solutions you will find plugins for MT4 and MT5 platforms that help to:   - prevent operational risks by changing marginal parameters of  accounts - protect from platform vulnerabilities by  limiting  undesired actions of traders - notify brokers about different events on the server - hedge risks   Core products for risk management include:   Trade Processor-solution that serves as a universal tool for managing all order pools of a client.  It routes orders between Liquidity Provider and B-book handling module with adjustable execution rules. Broker Business Intelligence - solution that provides visual insights and helps brokers to monitor clients’ activity and investigate anomalies in their behavior and  perform  risk management decisions in a timely manner.

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  • Russia
Employees:  38
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