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Founded in 2009
Headquarters in Cyprus
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Tools For Brokers is a full-service provider of IT solutions with nine years' experience in solving forex brokers' technical challenges and streamlining their operations. We provide convenience, stability, automation and expansion for brokerage business.

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Tools For Brokers has more than 20 different solutions for managing A- and B-book as well as minimising risk. These are based on two core products: Trade Processor and Brokers’ Business Intelligence. Trade Processor is a universal tool for managing all groups of orders. It routes orders between liquidity providers and b-book handling modules with fully customisable rules for execution. Brokers’ Business Intelligence provides visual insights and helps brokers to monitor clients’ activity. This essential application means brokers can manage risks as they arise and view clients’ trading activities at all times. Also part of our portfolio are plugins for MT4 and MT5. These custom plugins can prevent operational risks, protect brokers from vulnerabilities in trading platforms, help users to hedge risk and perform a wide variety of other essential operations for the modern broker.

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  • China
  • Cyprus
  • Thailand
Employees:  50
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