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Founded in 2012
Headquarters in Cyprus
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PLUGIT is a prime financial software provider with extensive experience in application development and integration, specialized in the Forex industry. Our core competency is the development of world-class interactive trading system tools and solutions that can be easily integrated into different trading platforms – explicitly (but not restricted to) MT4 and MT5 – to empower these platforms and extend their key elements of functionality, ensuring high quality output. 

Our team holds a proven record in converting complex requirements into well-designed applications, currently used by leading Forex companies across the globe.

With our comprehensive and fully-fledged system,YOONIT,we offer a variety of trading tools which are fully compatible with MT4 and MT5 platforms. YOONIT encompasses a CRM solution that enables brokers to conveniently handle leads, onboard clients, perform compliance checks, as well as keeping track of lead conversion and client retention data. Our comprehensive system includes a state-of-the-art multi-tiered IB Portal, as well as MAM/PAM modules effectively allowing your company to widen its services to different types of clients, such as Money Managers and other types of investors.

Other revolutionary products include the tiered margin solution,Dynamic Margin.It allows brokers to reduce the leverage when exposure increases in line with how prime liquidity providers work, thus reducing the gaps between clients and LP’s exposure. Dynamic Margin solution has no analogues in the market and is a best-seller in our catalogue of services.

Our comprehensive, robust and cost-effective solutions complement and are suitable for start-ups as well as well-established brokerages, giving them the business process management capabilities they need to support new strategic initiatives, respond to the changing business environment and make informed enterprise wide decisions. By adopting our technology, companies can realize true business success.

PLUGIT is a Microsoft partner and a certified cloud solutions provider.

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Modular trading support in one comprehensive system, covering:  - Risk management  - Multi-asset management  - Affiliate/IB systems  - Promotional campaigns management  - Performance management  - CRM  - Analytics    

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