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PCM Enterprise LTD was founded by Mehdi Deris Zadeh in 2012.

Mehdi holds a master’s degree in science and carries more than two decades of experience in a variety of business fields. He began his professional career in 1996 with years of trading physical commodities such as base metals and a successful ride on the volatile waves of currency prices that affected his business.

Physical trading of commodities and currencies turned him in to a successful trader of futures exchanges and spot markets. Such heavy experience has given him a bright view on the direction of prices and is one of the major factors that led him to establish a brokerage/clearing house in 2007 as a member of a regulated Futures exchange. The DGCX (Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange) started in 2005 as a fully electronic exchange and till date remembers Mehdi as its most successful non-institutional broker with above $100 M client margin deposits.

PCM Brokers soon turned into one of the fastest growing brokerage firms in the region during the 7 years he owned and directed it. His personal style in HR management shaped this boutique brokerage firm with a flat hierarchy and services comparable with giants in the industry targeting the retail market sector and enabling PCM Brokers to make swift decisions with distinguished flexibility compared to competitors.

On the risk management side he is a very conservative character and as a principle his brokerage firm not only ran a true STP/ECN/DMA business model but also never involved company capital in trading making it a Zero-Risk-Broker, perhaps a major client assurance and main responsible for its success.

While directing his online brokerage firm, he first used third party software for his online business requirements. Coming from a science educational background and hands-on computer experience, soon he started developing own software in-house. By the time he accepted an acquiring offer for the brokerage firm, he owned an impressive inventory of software written by a broker and for a broker. He since then has been directing PCM Software Technologies UK LTD and PCM Enterprise LTD servicing the financial brokerage industry and online trading community.

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