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ECOMMBX mission is to lead a new era in fintech and digital banking, innovatively incorporating e-money and e-accounts into one masterplatform for heightened efficiency and transparency, while building strong and enduring client relationships by providing convenient, high-standard, quality payment solutions. Make and receive remote payments in Europe and around the world swiftly and securely with ECOMMBANX digital banking platform. Designed for all your e-banking needs, our innovative model creates customised connections with banking partners in most countries, ensuring your transactions are carried out in the most cost-efficient way. Our network connects the best of the global banking industry with technology of the highest quality, stringent security and speed. We tailor our network for the highest levels of ease-of-use and convenience. ECOMMBANX platform is a masterpiece challenging traditional banking, with adaptations scaling up from interactivity all the way to artificial intelligence. A single master account is connected to a banking network structured with technology featuring the lowest latency, powerful security measures, and tightest controls.

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Strongly-encrypted PSD2- compliant platform with banking integration Omnibus B2B accounts Multi-currency conversions Unique IBAN per account SWIFT and SEPA Participants Multiple bank routings for e-accounts Instant Fast Payments Options to repeat previous transaction or set as favorite Upload and auto-execute payroll and multiple payments via batch transfer. E-accounts in EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, CBY, JPY, AED

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