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Founded in 2014
Headquarters in Russia
Incorporated:  2014
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With B2BinPay, Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway, you can start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies and tokens today!


Connection is free of charge and takes just 30 minutes. A 24/7 service is also available in Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Greek.

B2BinPay caters for a wide spectrum of clients including forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, hedge funds, online stores and other merchants who wish to enable cryptocurrency payments while enjoying the benefits of a blockchain-based payment gateway.



We offer: 

We offer our clients the ability to accept 10 different cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, DASH, BCC, B2B, ETC, NEM, NEO and any ERC-20 tokens, combined with low commission, daily payments, double secure protection, no chargebacks and refunds, B2BinPay has quickly emerged as one of the leading payment platforms for users looking to send and receive cryptocurrency payments safely, securely and at a reduced cost.  

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  • Russia
Employees:  60
Serving Forex:  N/A
Processing Volume:  N/A
Merchant Contact:  N/A
Business Contact:  evgeniya@b2broker.net
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