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Founded in 2013
Headquarters in Philippines
Incorporated:  2013
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We are a global payment processing service and solutions providerable to cater to a multitude of clients ranging from small family-owned businesses to large corporations and established conglomerates. We help clients collect payments in a completely secure and expedient manner, making it easy to maintain high customer ratings for your businesses.

Our high capacity payment platform is designed to process transactions in high volumes – making hundreds of thousands of payments on a daily basis. We process payments in real-time, which ensures quick and easy transactions for you and your customers. Besides being able to handle extremely high traffic, we are more than capable of sudden peaks in payments volume that may occur.

Our technology is also flexible in that our platform can integrate across multiple entities and territories, from ecommerce to mobile, as well able to receive different forms of payments locally and across the globe. We accept a wide array of international credit cards, debit cards and also non-card methods – making it extremelyconvenient for your international customers to make payments.

With Alogateway you are guaranteed excellent, efficient and secure service, protected by our Risk and Fraud department thatactively monitors transactions on a 24/7 basis, while simultaneously providing a second layer of protection through our alreadyimplementedadvanced anti-fraud systems. We help merchants and customers alike minimize risk of exposure to fraud by enforcing stringent and thorough procedures. In order to ensure data security, our systems protect data with encryption and tokenization technologies – able to protect your customers’ data without impacting successful transaction operations.

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China CUP Deposit Solution China CUP Payout Solution VISA and Mastercard Crypto Currency 

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Employees:  300
Serving Forex:  Yes
Processing Volume:  Unlimited Volume
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