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B2BinPay — Global Cryptocurrency Payment Solution

B2BinPay is a leading global cryptocurrency payment provider that enables businesses to accept payments in a variety of digital currencies. With its easy-to-use interface, companies can quickly connect and transact with a wide range of currencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Monero, and any ERC20. Transactions at this payment solution are highly automated and take less than 20 seconds to complete.

Founded in 2018, the company's headquarters is located in Estonia. With its global reach, B2BinPay provides safe and secure payment processing solutions to businesses of all sizes. As an added value for its merchants, B2BinPay also offers commission rates starting as low as 0.5%.

Moreover, its simple integration process allows businesses to get connected in under an hour via a single API. For added security, the platform also offers advanced fraud protection modules and the highest standards of data encryption to guarantee safe and secure transactions.

This cryptocurrency payment solution offers quick-to-use solutions for merchants and enterprises. Let's look at all features available under both categories.

Merchant solution

Merchant solution is a complete package that enables businesses to accept crypto payments in all major coins and exchange it all into Fiat, Coins, or StableCoins. In addition, it offers a fully automated payment processing system that helps businesses to accept payments in various crypto without any hidden fees and manual operations.

Moreover, the platform also comes with simple-to-use interfaces for both merchants and customers, which makes it highly convenient for transactions. Merchants can efficiently perform transaction operations like:

  • Create payouts: With the system's easy-to-use interface, businesses can create and manage mass payouts to multiple addresses in cryptocurrency or fiat with just a few clicks.
  • Accept payments: The platform also enables businesses to accept payments in various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.
  • Crypto conversion: Merchants can convert the received cryptocurrency into another crypto, ensuring low exchange rate fees.
  • Send payments: Merchants can send cryptocurrencies virtually across the globe in a few clicks. The overall transactions are processed with a faster turnaround time.
  • Hold currencies: You can quickly and safely store your cryptocurrencies in the B2BinPay wallet. The wallet is protected with two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption.

Minimum Deposits & Withdrawals

Merchants have the option of 50+ cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and liquid tokens. The minimum deposit and withdrawal start from 0.0001 for major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Binance Coin.

For stablecoins like Binance USD, Pax Dollar, and TetherUS, the minimum deposit/withdrawal is 10, which is comparatively low. Moreover, merchants can also send and accept a variety of liquid tokens like 0x, Aave, Band Protocol, Chainlink, and many more. Check out the complete list of cryptocurrencies deposits and withdrawals here.

Fee and charges for merchants

The platform charges a one-time onboarding fee of $500 for compliance, screening, and setup. In addition to this, the processing fees include incoming transactions, which are around 0.4% for transactions below $1 million, 0.35% for transactions between $1-3 million, 0.3% for transactions between $3-5 million, and 0.25% for transactions above $5 million.

Outgoing transactions are free of charge, and settlement is immediate. Furthermore, merchants also have access to a wide range of analytics and reporting tools that allow them to analyse the performance of their transactions in real-time.

For fiat settlements, the one-tone onboarding fee is the same i.e., $500. In addition to this, the processing fees include incoming transactions, which are around 0.5% for transactions below $1 million, 0.45% for transactions between $1-3 million, 0.4% for transactions between $3-5 million, and 0.35% for transactions above $5 million. Outgoing transactions are free of charge, and settlement is T+1, meaning it takes 24 hours for the transaction to be settled.

For Stablecoins, the platform charges 0.8% for transactions below $1 million, 0.75% for transactions between $1-3 million, 0.7% for transactions between $3-5 million, and 0.65% for transactions above $5 million. The settlement time is T+1, and outgoing transactions are free of charge.

For bank withdrawals, B2BinPay has different minimum withdrawal thresholds for SWIFT USD, SWIFT EUR, SWIFT GBP, and SEPA EUR. The minimum withdrawal amounts start from $50,000 for SWIFT USD, €5,000 for SWIFT EUR and SEPA EUR, and £5,000 for SWIFT GBP. A fee of 0.5% is applicable on all bank withdrawals.

Overall, the minimum withdrawal and deposit threshold is low and B2BinPay charges competitive processing fees for merchants. This makes it an attractive choice for businesses looking to accept cryptocurrency payments or send/receive payments globally.

Use cases of merchant payment solutions:

B2BinPay merchant payment solution is ideal for businesses of all sizes and industries. Merchants can perform various transactions like paying invoices, sending funds to vendors and suppliers, or even making payments to customers.

The platform is also suitable for e-commerce stores, online gaming sites, mobile applications and platforms, and hospitality services like hotels and restaurants, marketplaces, and auction sites. B2BinPay merchant payments make it easier for businesses to accept payments from customers, process transactions quickly, and optimize workflow.

For managing accounts, merchants can use the online dashboard, which is user-friendly, secure, and provides detailed insights on customer transactions.

Enterprise solution

Enterprises can take full advantage of the complete digital currency payment system. B2BinPay provides complete control over digital assets, faster settlements compared to financial systems, and tight integration with existing banking infrastructure. All this and more are available at the most competitive rates.

The easy-to-use interface provides a secure and compliant platform to transact crypto with ease. Enterprises can also manage their cryptocurrency wallet and gain access to a wide range of operations to streamline their business.

Similar to merchants, enterprises have access to different transaction options like creating payouts, integrating API, generating invoices, managing wallets, and more. Moreover, businesses can also store digital currencies, stablecoins, and liquid tokens securely in their wallet.

With over 87 digital currencies supported, and a wide range of customizable solutions, B2BinPay is the ideal choice for enterprises looking to transact cryptocurrency. For both enterprises and merchants can download detailed reports and track payments in real-time. These reports can be exported for better analysis and visibility.

B2BinPay enterprise solution use cases

B2BinPay is the perfect solution for enterprises looking to make and receive payments in digital currencies. The platform supports various industries, including forex and crypto brokers, marketplaces, service providers, gaming, consulting services, e-commerce platforms, and regulated gambling.

Businesses can scale their operations with the help of B2BinPay enterprise solution. The platform supports a wide range of digital currencies and multiple transaction options like generating invoices, managing wallets, and creating payouts.

Minimum deposit and fee structure for enterprises

The minimum deposit and withdrawal for small and large-scale businesses are the same as for individual merchants. For enterprises, the one-time onboarding fee is $1000, while the processing fees depend on the transaction amount and vary from 0.05% to 0.35%.

For tokens, the incoming transactions are charged at 0.15%, while the outgoings are free of charge, and the settlement is immediate. For custom tokens based on Ethereum (ERC20), Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) & TRON (TRC20) blockchains, there is a monthly fee of $200. The settlement for custom tokens is immediate.

Wondering which solution is right for your business? Check the detailed comparison between both solutions so that you can have a better understanding of the features and fees associated with both. From features to settlement details, B2BinPay will make sure you have the right solution for your business.

On-Chain & Off-Chain Transactions

The global cryptocurrency payment solution provider also offers end-to-end support for both on-chain and off-chain transactions. On-chain transactions are processed on the main blockchain, while off-chain transactions are settled through an intermediary. B2BinPay supports both types of transactions, allowing businesses to take advantage of blockchain technology while also gaining access to a wide range of payment options.

On-chain transactions

On-chain transactions are the most secure and cost-effective way for businesses to transact cryptocurrency. On-chain transactions are settled on the main blockchain, allowing businesses to take advantage of the security and low fees associated with blockchain technology.

Industries like forex and crypto brokers, marketplaces, service providers, gaming, consulting services, e-commerce platforms, and regulated gambling can all benefit from the on-chain transactions offered by B2BinPay. The benefits of on-chain payments include the following:

  • Secure and reliable transactions
  • Low transaction fees
  • Fast settlement times
  • Support for a wide range of digital currencies
  • End-to-end support for both on-chain and off-chain transactions

Off-chain transactions

Off-chain transactions use the in-house payment gateway of B2BinPay, which allows businesses to take advantage of the security and cost-effectiveness of blockchain technology without having to worry about the technicalities of the blockchain itself.

With off-chain transactions, companies can benefit from features like immediate settlement, instant funds availability, and a wide range of payment options. The benefits of off-chain payments include the following:

  • Secure and reliable transactions
  • Instant settlement and funds availability
  • Support for multiple digital currencies
  • Flexible payment options and more

B2BinPay API

B2BinPay also provides businesses with access to the B2binPay API, which allows companies to integrate cryptocurrency payments into their existing systems and platforms easily. The API is designed for developers and allows them to add support for digital currencies quickly and easily. With the help of the B2binPay API, businesses can start accepting payments in digital currencies and benefit from features like instant settlement and low transaction fees.

B2BinPay mobile wallet

The B2BinPay mobile wallet allows businesses and retail customers to securely store, manage, and transfer digital assets from their smartphones. The application supports a wide range of digital currencies as well as multiple transaction options like sending and receiving payments.

The mobile wallet app is available for iOS devices, allowing businesses to store their digital assets on the go securely. The wallet also supports two-factor authentication for better security. Additionally, businesses can use the wallet to set up multi-signature transactions, making it easier and more secure to manage digital assets.

B2BinPay Mobile wallet screenshot
Mobile wallet

Both enterprises and merchants have on-the-go access to a detailed dashboard covering all of their payment activities, current balances, and more. This feature makes it easy for businesses to stay on top of their finances, as well as manage and monitor their current transactions. Some of the key features of the B2BinPay wallet:

Real-time transaction details

The wallet offers businesses real-time details about their transactions, including the current status of payments and balances. This feature makes it easy to stay up to date on all of your payment activities. You get detailed information about the sender, recipient, and amount sent.

Access to your assets

The app shows all your different digital currency types, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. You can also view your current balance for each currency as well as the pending transactions. This feature makes it easy to manage and monitor your assets.

Wallet balance

The wallet provides businesses with an up-to-date balance of their digital assets. This feature makes it easy to check your current funds and make sure you have enough to cover all pending payments.

Security features at B2BinPay

B2binPay takes security seriously and provides advanced measures to keep your digital assets secure. The provider uses a combination of two-factor authentication, multi-signature transactions, and secure wallets to ensure that all digital assets are kept safe.

Additionally, B2BinPay is compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, so businesses can be confident that their transactions are secure and compliant. KYC helps to ensure that companies are securely identifying customers and transactions, while AML helps to detect suspicious activity.

In addition, they also offer KYT (Know Your Transaction), which helps to identify and track suspicious transactions on their platform. This feature makes it easy for businesses to ensure that they are compliant with regulations and reduce the risk of fraud. Overall, the security measures implemented by B2binPay make it an ideal choice for businesses to manage and transfer their digital assets securely.

If the client accounts are dormant for a period of 6 months, B2binPay reserves the right to convert all assets available on the account/wallet into USDT to protect from any exchange rate fluctuations. It's a great benefit for businesses that don't want to be subject to market volatility.

Additional features of B2BinPay

Along with offering secured and compliance-focused payment solutions, the provider also offers a wide range of features:

News feeds section

Their news section provides customers with recent updates, market analysis, and know-how on cryptocurrency trading. The professional team covers all the latest news related to the industry and keeps customers informed. You will find comprehensive news and articles on cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Corporate news

The corporate news section provides customers with updates on the latest developments at B2BinPay. This will keep customers informed about product releases, new markets, and any other important updates. Moreover, this section also includes news about partnerships and other corporate developments.

Comprehensive video section

The comprehensive video section covers educational topics, industry events, and more. Customers can access informative videos on different aspects of the cryptocurrency world and digital assets. The videos are easy to understand and provide customers with valuable insight into the industry.

Education section

The provider also offers an education section for customers. The dedicated section has detailed articles on multiple topics, such as cryptocurrency trading, blockchain technology, and more. In addition, customers can read industry news updates, educational guides, and other relevant information.


B2BinPay also offers webinars on different topics related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Customers can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and get access to expert advice from industry leaders. These webinars are held regularly, and customers can take advantage of them to stay informed about the industry.

Customer support

B2BinPay also offers around-the-clock customer support. Their team of experts is available 24/7 to help customers with any issue they may have. Customers can contact their customer support team through email or telephone. You can call them at +357 250-308-82 or email them at support@b2binpay.com.

The support team of B2BinPay is knowledgeable and experienced. They are more than happy to answer any questions customers may have and provide them with the best solutions. You can also log in and create a support ticket for any issue you may have.

Upcoming features at this payment provider

The provider is constantly developing and introducing new features to their platform. Some of the upcoming features include STC (Smart Token Collection), a self-hosted white-label solution, CAAS (Crypto as a Service), and staking solutions. These features will further help customers to manage their digital assets securely and efficiently.

B2BinPay in a nutshell

Overall, B2BinPay is a reliable cryptocurrency payment provider with many advantages for businesses of all sizes. The platform offers support for on-chain and off-chain transactions, allowing companies to leverage the security and cost-effectiveness of blockchain technology without having to worry about the technical aspects.

B2BinPay API also makes it easy for developers to quickly and easily add support for digital currencies. The global cryptocurrency payment solution provider is a great option for businesses that are looking to start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies.

It's an ideal platform for businesses that need a secure and compliant payment solution. With news feeds, webinars, and an education section, B2BinPay is an excellent choice for all kinds of businesses.


Does B2BinPay offer customer support?

Yes, B2BinPay offers customer support 24/7. You can contact them at support@b2binpay.com.

What type of payment solutions does B2BinPay offer?

It is a global crypto payment solution provider, offering both on-chain and off-chain transactions.

How many digital currencies are supported by B2BinPay?

The platform supports various digital currencies and tokens, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and more.

Does B2BinPay offer an API?

Yes, B2BinPay offers an API for developers to integrate digital payments into their business quickly.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount is 0.0001 BTC or the equivalent in other supported digital currencies.

What is the one-time setup fee for merchants?

The one-time setup fee for merchants is $500, and this fee covers compliance, screening, and setup.

What is the one-time setup fee for enterprises?

The one-time setup fee for enterprises is $1000, and this fee covers the complete wallet setup, web integration, and more.

Does B2BinPay let you accept fiat currencies?

Yes, B2BinPay supports a range of fiat currencies such as EUR, USD, GBP, and more.

Are there any hidden charges on this payment platform?

No, there are no hidden charges on the platform. All fees and charges are clearly stated on the website.

Does B2BinPay have a mobile app?

Yes, the provider has a mobile app available for iOS. The app lets customers easily manage their accounts.

What are security features available on this payment platform?

B2BinPay provides advanced security features such as two-factor authentication, transaction monitoring, and more.

Can US customers use this payment platform?

No, B2BinPay does not currently offer services for US customers. You can find more information about platform usage here.

Do they offer enterprise guides for support?

Yes, B2BinPay offers enterprise-specific guides for customers. These guides provide detailed information and you can find the guide here.

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