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Company Overview

Unfortunately, cryptocurrencies can be difficult to understand because of their technical nature. They can also be risky, with hundreds of millions in cryptocurrencies being stolen by hackers every year. With literally thousands to choose from the whole process can seem too confusing and involved.

That is why StormGain was launched. This innovative cryptocurrency broker and exchange has only the most popular cryptocurrencies, and they make trading in them as simple as can be. Keep reading to learn about all the innovative features clients of StormGain have access to.

Quick Look

StormGain is a new broker dealing exclusively in cryptocurrencies. They not only offer cryptocurrency trading, but it is possible to trade with leverage that is as high as x300 on some cryptocurrencies. And there are a number of other features available, such as the rapid exchange between cryptocurrencies with a commission of just 0.095%-0.25%.

StormGain Quick Look

In addition to the exchange, clients at StormGain are also able to take advantage of interest payments on deposits held in the broker’s internal cryptocurrency wallets. And more recently StormGain has added cryptocurrency mining to its offerings. Simply click to begin mining and within 4 hours you can start to see Bitcoin being added to your account.

There are 38 different cryptocurrency pairs and indices to choose from, most of which trade against Tether (USDT). This use of a stablecoin as the base asset of the platform was a smart move since it removes the chance of Bitcoin moving significantly and impacting the trades and holdings of clients.

One further benefit to trading through StormGain is that getting started is quick. With no KYC requirements all you will need to register is an email address and you can be trading cryptocurrencies within 5 minutes.

While StormGain was created with U.K. traders in mind, it has become so popular that it has expanded to more than 100 other countries and boasts over 120,000 clients.

StormGain Pros and Cons


  • Earn from holding coins or from mining
  • Multiple account types and fiat funding options


  • Not regulated
  • No social or automated trading

Cryptocurrency Products

Because StormGain is focused exclusively on cryptocurrencies they really shine in their offerings. Rather than offering everything under the sun, the broker has made the choice to focus only on the cryptocurrencies with deep liquidity and high trading volumes. This makes for a better trading experience for those who are interested in the most popular cryptocurrencies.

As of March 2021, there are 38 different products, which includes 3 cryptocurrency indices, 4 pairings with Bitcoin, and 31 pairings with USDT. Overall, there are 31 of the most popular cryptocurrencies available at StormGain. And they do not stop there because they also allow clients to use leverage that is as high as x300 for the BTC/USDT pair. There are also several pairs with x100 leverage, and most pairs offer x50 leverage.

StormGain Exchange

In addition to the trading capabilities, StormGain also has an exchange function that allows users to easily and quickly exchange from one cryptocurrency to another without worrying over market movements. Instead, there is a small 0.095% to 0.25% commission attached to each exchange. Currently there are eight different cryptocurrencies offered on the exchange.

StormGain Wallet

Of course, there is an internal wallet that can be used to store, exchange, and trade cryptocurrencies at StormGain. The StormGain crypto wallet supports the 6 most popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin and Tether (USDT). Plus, the wallet is built right into the platform, so it can be accessed from any StormGain interface, whether that is the desktop app, the web-based app, or the mobile apps.

As an added bonus, StormGain clients can enjoy up to 12% annual interest on any cryptocurrency they have stored in their crypto wallets and get discounts of up to 20% on commissions, depending on their wallet balance.

StormGain Mining

Recently StormGain added a cloud mining tool that enables clients to mine cryptocurrencies right from their phone, or whatever other device they might use to access StormGain. Users simply enable StormGain cloud miner in their account and can take full advantage of the StormGain mining hardware remotely to increase their cryptocurrency holdings. Mining rewards are deposited right to the StormGain wallet and can be immediately used to trade and potentially increase the users account balance even more.

StormGain Cryptocurrency Products

Perhaps you have heard of cloud mining before but have hesitated because of the fees involved with other cloud mining services. StormGain Cloud Miner does not charge any fees, eliminating the risk factor of unknown ROI. Because we know that more crypto for clients means more trading gets done, every StormGain user can participate in cloud mining at no cost to themselves.

Plus, the crypto mining speed increases depending on your StormGain Loyalty Programme status. The coefficient of the mining speed of cloud mining starts at x0.5 for standard users, increasing for Gold (x1), Platinum (x3), and Diamond (x12) members, all the way up to x530 at the highest VIP tier.

StormGain Loyalty Programme

StormGain also offers its traders a Loyalty Programme that increases the benefits as each tier is reached. In total there are seven tiers which are based on the total trading and exchange volume of the user’s account.

Note that the deposit bonus cannot be withdrawn, but it can be used for trading and any profits made can be withdrawn.


The easiest way to make a deposit at StormGain is by transferring cryptocurrencies that are supported by the platform. If you do not already own some cryptocurrencies it is also possible to purchase using a credit card with a minimum purchase of $50. There is also a maximum $20,000 purchase when using a credit card. And credit card purchases incur a fee of 5% or $10, whichever is higher.

Withdrawals can also be done easily by transferring the cryptocurrency in your StormGain wallet to any external third-party wallet that supports the cryptocurrency being transferred. StormGain also supports bank transfers using the third-party Bits of Gold service.

StormGain Platforms

As is the case with most cryptocurrency trading exchanges StormGain has their own proprietary trading platform. It is primarily web-based, but there are also mobile versions available for Android and iOS devices.

StormGain Platforms

Key features of the StormGain platform include:

Customizable Layouts: All the charts and windows have various customizations available for traders to set things up just how they like them.

Indicators: Technical analysis is supported via a broad array of technical analysis tools and indicators that are built into the platform. Choose from oscillators, trend-following tools and volatility indicators.

Leverage Options: Charts can be set up with leveraged trading multipliers through the “Trading with Multiplier” interface. Leverage available varies based on which pair is being traded, with most set to x50, and the highest being x300.

Professional Charts: StormGain’s charts are some of the nicest we have seen, and can be configured as bar, line, or candle charts. There are also 9 timeframes available ranging from by the minute to monthly.

Open Trade Summary: At the bottom of the trading platform traders are given an open trade summary. StormGain also provides a trader sentiment based on active trades, which gives the percentage of buy and sell trades for a particular pairing.

Risk Management: StormGain has several risk management tools which include stop losses and take profit orders.

Mobile Trading: As already mentioned, there are mobile apps available for trading with StormGain and both Android and iOS devices are supported.

S.S. Lazio Sponsorship

StormGain has partnered with one of the most renowned football clubs in Europe – S.S. Lazio. Thanks to this partnership StormGain can offer its clients exclusive perks and unmatched events, such as Champions League trip, Meet & Greet with players, VIP box seats, Stadio Olympico tour, branded merchandise and many others.

Customer Support

As a first level of support there is an online Help section that answers most of the basic questions a client might have. In addition, you can also contact live support personnel via chat, email, telephone, or Telegram. Reviews of the customer support from StormGain on the web are positive, and we also found the agents to be responsive and helpful during our tests.

Telephone+248 467 19 57


Telegram – Located by the logo towards the bottom of the homepage

In Conclusion

Overall, we found StormGain to be a very user-friendly platform that would be suitable for both beginning and more experienced cryptocurrency traders. With a good number of popular pairings and the leverage available there is good reason to choose StormGain.

Other positives of note are the relatively small fees, the loyalty rewards programme, the interest on held funds, the mining option, and the risk management tools offered. It is also an easy way to get started with trading, thanks to the lack of KYC requirements.

With all these benefits it is easy to see why StormGain has been able to grow so rapidly.

Full Breakdown Filters

Full Breakdown

Full Breakdown
Execution Model
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Company Updates

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